When a woman recorded her cat alone at home, it almost brought her to tears.

Ida Myrin, much like many of us, spent extensive time at home with her cat during the pandemic. Isola, a three-year-old Ragdoll, has been with Ida since she was 12 weeks old.

“He’s pampered and laid-back, but also affectionate,” Ida remarks. “He consistently seeks our attention and vocalizes if we don’t provide it. He’s always on the move to keep an eye on both of us; he enjoys a good cuddle but dislikes faces.”

“As a kitten, he would often stop what he was doing and flop to the floor, and he has no ball control. We also suspect he has claustrophobia. He has a fascination with feet. LOVES it.”

She observed that Isola was relishing the fact that his humans were now spending the majority of their time at home with him; all that additional attention must be delightful when you’re used to being ‘human free’ during the day.

Then Ida had the ingenious idea of discreetly recording him for less than an hour while he was left alone in the apartment. When she reviewed the video, she couldn’t believe her eyes. (To watch the video, scroll below.)

She initially chuckled, especially when he booped the camera, but upon witnessing his actions and hearing his cries, she was heartbroken.

Ida opted to share the video on social media, and she received numerous comments encouraging her to get another cat.

Ida explained To everyone, she explained that she already had a second cat and had left the apartment to take the other cat to the vet for a senior examination.Interestingly, upon her return, Isola completely ignored Ida but was thrilled to see his feline companion. So Ida captured a photo of the two of them together to illustrate that he isn’t always alone.

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