Siblings Rescued from Abandonment Thrive and Transform into the Murder Mittens Squad.

Numerous cats are born into circumstances that offer little hope for survival from the very beginning. When cats are not spayed or neutered, they can produce an excess of offspring, many of whom may never experience the comforts of a typical domestic cat life. However, for a group of cat siblings affectionately known as the Murder Mittens Squad, their existence today is owed to the timely intervention of a compassionate woman and her son. I recently spoke with their devoted cat mom, who shared with me the journey of these kittens, now thriving as healthy and content cats, spending their days surrounded by love, care, and appreciation.

How did these cats become part of your life? I always begin by explaining my involvement in animal rescue, a commitment spanning over 30 years. In my local community, I am known for my willingness to assist in various animal-related situations. On July 3rd, 2021, I received a distressed phone call from a property owner who reported hearing kittens crying but had no idea about their exact location or the number of kittens present. I quickly enlisted one of my sons, and we headed to the specified location, which appeared to be a makeshift dump site. We were informed that there were five kittens, and after a three-hour search, we uncovered kittens amidst trash bags, with one found in critical condition inside a garbage can filled with grease and water. Unfortunately, one of the kittens had already passed away, and despite our efforts, we couldn’t revive it. We brought the remaining four kittens home, where my son continued to administer CPR to the struggling one. Once home, we cleaned them up and discovered we had three males and a female. A visit to the vet estimated their age at around 3 weeks, with no sign of a mother cat.

What are their individual personalities like? As their personalities began to emerge, Loki, the solid black one, stood out. He was the one in critical condition, requiring CPR and extra care. Loki is the most mischievous of the bunch, always eager to play and often climbing to higher places. He interacts seamlessly with the dogs. Toed, named for the white-tipped toes and lacking white on his face, is a vocal one. He meows as if engaging in a conversation, patting your hand while doing so. Larry is universally beloved—by dogs, other cats, and people alike. As the largest of the four, he is undoubtedly the most affectionate. Last but certainly not least is AnnaMay, the tiniest of the group, weighing only 3 pounds. Despite her size, she exudes strength and holds a kind of rulership over the quartet. When she meows, the other three come running. We named her AnnaMay due to her strikingly large eyes resembling those seen in Japanese anime, with a touch of Southern charm added to the name.

How do they interact with each other? Despite our primary goal in animal rescue being to find new homes for the animals we save, these particular cats, unfortunately, went unadopted. Consequently, they’ve become a part of our family for over a year, forming strong bonds among themselves. They coexist in a household that includes three other older cats and five dogs, creating a harmonious environment. Although our home may resemble a zoo, conflicts among the animals are rare. The nickname “Murder Mitten Squad” originated during their feeding times as kittens when they would enthusiastically run and meow.

I extend a heartfelt “thank you” to their rescuer and forever human for allowing me to share the story of the Murder Mittens Squad with the readers of Cattitude Daily. The world is undoubtedly a better place with individuals like her making a positive impact.


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