A Stray Calico Kitten Selects a Young Boy as Her Lifelong Human Companion and Best Friend.

Cats possess an exceptional sixth sense for discerning the goodness in people, often securing a lifelong home by trusting their instincts. Recognizing the natural curiosity of cats, a calico kitten embarked on a journey to befriend a young boy, sensing his affinity for feline companionship. Gradually, she imprinted her pawprints on the boy’s heart, even during a particularly stressful period. Today, she enjoys a life of pampering, love, and care, unmistakably content with the companionship she has found.

How did Bow become a part of your life? During part of the pandemic, we were living in a camper while my oldest son, who was in 1st grade, engaged in distance learning at home. Being a cat lover, he befriended a small colony of cats, but a particular calico kitten stood out. She couldn’t get enough of him, following him everywhere, playing at the park, and even “helping” with homework once we allowed her inside. In essence, she adopted him.

How did she acquire her name? My son named her Bow, drawing inspiration from her distinctive colors – Black, Orange, White.

Her personality is quite quirky. She enjoys splooting or draping herself over the edges of things. While she’s sweet and cuddly, she can also become unexpectedly feisty – like making spicy biscuits.

She tends to be more independent when it comes to the other cats in the house. She prefers spending time with us. There’s a specific stool in the kitchen that she claims as her own. She naps on it while we prepare dinner or observes when we have company over.

Something unique about Bow that I’d like others to know is that she has the softest fur I’ve ever had the privilege of feeling. In her cuddle moods, she engages in making biscuits and suckling the edges of blankets. An interesting quirk is that she doesn’t meow – she peeps.

I extend a heartfelt “thank you” to Erin for granting me the opportunity to share Bow’s images and endearing story with all the readers of Cattitude Daily. It appears that Bow found the ideal person to share the rest of her nine lives with.

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