Big Brother’s Comeback For Being Woken Up Delights Millions

“Big Brother’s Delightful Reaction Upon Being Awoken Charms Millions

When a 3-year-old is roused from his couch nap by his little sister, he exhibits the most endearing response ever!

The bond between two siblings is indisputable. While the nature of their relationship may evolve as they grow, they often serve as each other’s initial playmate and closest confidant. It’s a lifelong connection that can be both beautiful and fulfilling. This sentiment unquestionably rings true for these two charming siblings.”


“As the footage commences, we are introduced to little Remi. The 8-month-old is joyfully crawling in an endearing peach-colored flower and polka dot outfit. It’s evident that she is eagerly anticipating her 3-year-old big brother, Drew, to awaken from his nap and engage in play. She cheerfully calls out to him, making repeated attempts to pronounce his name, and then steadily makes her way toward the couch.

Although her primary focus is on rousing her brother from his nap on the couch, a brief distraction occurs when she notices a bag of items at the foot of the couch, swiftly attended to by mom. When Remi turns her attention back to her mother, her infectious smile lights up the scene. Clearly a content and teething baby, she exudes joy and, without any encouragement, moves towards her brother, seizing his hand as it dangles from the couch, a book trailing along with her.”


“When caressing his hand proves ineffective, Remi hoists herself up to stand in front of him and gently touches his face. Completely undisturbed, Drew remains in a deep slumber, unresponsive to Remi’s attempts to awaken him. Puzzled, she steals a glance back at mom, seeking encouragement, and then recommits herself to the mission.

Undeterred, she seizes Drew’s wrist and playfully coughs in his face, prompting a quiet giggle from mom. Despite stirring, Drew doesn’t wake, prompting Remi to touch his lips with her finger and speak loudly in an effort to capture his attention. Alas, he remains in blissful sleep, leaving Remi uncertain about her next move. Looking back at mom, who whispers, ‘Get him. Get Drew.'”


“When touching his hand doesn’t work, Remi pulls herself up to stand in front of him and touches his face. Out like a light, Drew is clearly not responding to Remi’s attempts to rouse him from his slumber. Unsure, she glances back at mom for encouragement, then rededicates herself to the task.

At this point, she grabs Drew’s wrist and even coughs a little in his face as mom giggles quietly. Drew stirs but doesn’t wake, so Remi touches his lips with her finger, speaking loudly to get his attention. He continues his slumber, and Remi, unsure of what to do next, looks back to mom, who whispers, ‘Get him. Get Drew.'”

Remi doesn’t give up easily and, with encouragement from her mom, persists in her efforts to wake Drew. She tries various tactics, including pushing on his face and arms, and finally, after calling out to him, Drew responds by rolling over. The heartwarming moment concludes with Drew standing up, hugging Remi, and giving her a kiss, revealing his patience and love for his little sister.


Drew pays no attention to the baby drool on his face, casually wiping it off as he walks over to his mom. Remi is evidently delighted that her brother is awake, expressing her joy with loud squawks, fully aware that she has successfully achieved her goal.

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