Even in their blindness, these cats offer a distinctive outlook on the world, exuding joy and resilience in the midst of challenges.

San Francisco-based Saving Grace Rescue came to the aid of Grace and Max, two charming blind cats. Despite their visual impairment, these felines have embraced a normal life, thanks to a loving home and a family that unconditionally adores them.

Photographer Josh Norem, the owner of The Furrtographer and a caregiver to several blind cats, finds fulfillment in helping these special needs felines find happiness in a home.

Acting as the adoptive parent to numerous blind felines, the photographer has dedicated his efforts to aid the Saving Grace Rescue organization. He not only values and supports the rescue center’s work but also actively endeavors to assist the cats in finding loving homes.

Josh expresses that it’s uncommon to encounter the cats once they’ve been adopted, making him ecstatic when a couple who had adopted two of them reached out with a call.

In the photographer’s words, “Picture my joy and amazement when a couple, who not only adopted one but two blind cats from Saving Grace, reached out to me for a photoshoot. Having followed these kitties on Instagram for some time, he was thrilled to witness them together in their new home!”

Max, a delightful Russian Blue cat, is exceptionally affectionate and loving. As a newborn, Max experienced the unfortunate incident of having his eyeballs broken. Thanks to the intervention of the Saving Grace Rescue organization, this beautiful cat underwent eye surgery and now thrives as a loving and healthy companion in a wonderful home.

Grace, the younger sister of Max, is a timid little kitty. Her parents recognized her potential as a wonderful addition to their family from the moment they met her. Grace has blossomed into a cherished and pampered kitty, serving as her brother’s best companion.

Janell and Justin serve as the adoptive parents to the kittens. Described as truly wonderful individuals by Josh, he emphasizes that this couple is wholeheartedly committed to the well-being of their two cats.

Josh further remarked, “Not only are they lovely and caring, but they are genuine heroes for rescuing these two precious kittens. Thank you for offering a home to these kitties and for allowing me the opportunity to capture their photographs.”

These stunning cats coexist harmoniously with their affectionate family, engaging in playful antics and mischievous behavior. They are resolute in relishing every moment, undeterred by any obstacles.

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