A Cat, Dumped at a Shelter Overnight in Wretched Condition, Reveals True Beauty After Its Fur is Shaved Away.

Regrettably, the staff at Douglas County Animal Care & Services in Gardnerville, Nevada, are no strangers to encountering instances of anonymous animal dumping beyond regular work hours. However, this particular incident proved to be even more heart-wrenching than usual.

Upon arriving at the shelter one morning, shelter supervisor Liz Begovich and her colleagues encountered an animal carrier containing an enormous mass of unrecognizable fluff. “All we saw was a matted mess,” Liz recounted to The Dodo.

The mystery of the creature’s identity loomed. The shelter staff initially speculated it might be a dog, considering that dogs generally exhibit less meticulous grooming habits than cats. The moment arrived to open the carrier and unravel the truth. “We couldn’t turn him around because of the way he was shoved in the carrier,” Liz explained. “So we took the top off and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s a cat!’ I’ve never seen a cat in that sort of condition.”

The situation was dire. The cat found itself imprisoned by its own fur, struggling to move beneath the twisted, matted layers. Additionally, he was overweight due to a lack of exercise, with his previous owners seemingly providing food and water right under his nose.

“We promptly took him to the vet, where they sedated him,” Liz continued. “They shaved off about 4.5 pounds of hair from him, filling a full-size kitchen trash bag. The sudden liberation noticeably boosted the confidence of the cat formerly bound in dreadlocks, affectionately named Bob Marley. ‘Once the hair was off, he was walking around. I saw him looking up at the counter thinking, ‘I can jump up there.’ I thought, ‘No, you can’t.'”

Bob has found a caring home that can aid in his recovery from years of neglect and assist him in shedding the excess pounds he carries. At 10 years old, he still has many good years ahead of him! Remarkably, he has transformed into a handsome cat and was adopted within just a few days.

Authorities are actively investigating to locate Bob’s previous owner, as the man who dumped him was caught on CCTV. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying this individual. While there’s a possibility that he may have been a Good Samaritan rescuing Bob, nobody is certain. Liz herself is unsure and harbors doubts about any benevolent intentions from the mysterious man.

“Normally, when someone leaves an animal after hours, there’s usually more to the story. It’s typically not a Good Samaritan who found an animal on the side of the road,” she remarked. “We would really like to know the backstory. There could be other animals in this house, wherever this cat came from, who are in the same condition.”


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