A Cat Deemed ‘Unadoptable’ Refused Human Contact, but His Dedicated Rescuer Persevered – Now, One Year Later…

He goes by the name Coconut.

Rescuers from Boston’s Forgotten Felines embarked on a TNR mission and encountered a severely distressed feral cat in dire straits on the cold streets of Boston. Originally planning to neuter him and return him to his feral colony, the rescuers quickly changed course upon witnessing his deplorable condition.

“Coconut was a wreck. He suffered from URI, UTI, goopy eyes, a tail covered in what seemed like oil, ear mites, chronic diarrhea, and a compromised hind leg,” shared Joni Nelson, the founder of Boston’s Forgotten Felines. “His unpleasant demeanor made it challenging to like him. Given his pitiful state, he couldn’t go back to his colony.”

They brought him into their care, providing a cage for his recovery and administering daily medications. While his infections improved, Coconut remained fiercely grumpy, resisting any attempts at interaction. Feeding and maintaining his cage proved challenging as he would lash out whenever the door was opened.

It was a considerable amount of time before Coconut gradually began to ease his agitation. Joni Nelson remarked, “I could enter and clean his area, place food, and avoid any confrontations, but he continued to hiss whenever someone passed by his cage.”

“He never fully raised his head, always keeping it lowered. Neglecting to groom himself, and being unable to touch him for eye cleaning, I was certain he couldn’t return to the streets in that condition!”

Despite the seemingly hopeless situation, they persisted in building his trust. Nelson refused to give up, and after several months, she started to witness a glimmer of hope.

Rather than recoiling in fear, one day, Coconut made the significant choice to allow his human caregiver to touch his head, if only for a brief moment. This fleeting gesture meant the world to Nelson and signified that the kitty was beginning to open up.

Gradually, Coconut advanced to the point where he permitted his human to clean his eyes. As Nelson grew closer to Coconut, she unraveled the reasons behind his challenging life as a feral cat.

“It took two severe bites for me to realize he was deaf and could only perceive shadows. Frightened and having endured unknown torments living on the streets in that condition for so long,” Joni Nelson shared.

“Despite the advice from many to euthanize him, deeming him unadoptable, I couldn’t bear the thought of him living his life in a cage, nor could I bring myself to put him to sleep,” Nelson explained.

Sherri Deluca, a dedicated foster mom, caught wind of Coconut’s challenges and took on the task of helping him embrace love and affection. It proved to be a challenging journey, filled with growls and scratches, but every effort was deemed worthwhile.

“Despite the battle scars as proof, she never gave up on him. Through an abundance of love and attention, he gradually learned to trust and reciprocate that love,” Nelson remarked.

After months of receiving unconditional love, Coconut began responding with newfound purrs and snuggles. Once he experienced the warmth of love, he became hooked!

Ashley Ward took Coconut to his second foster home, where his positive transformation continued. “I must admit, I was very concerned that he would revert to being frightened and unfriendly with strangers, but after just one night of hiding, he emerged from under the bed in his new foster home,” Nelson shared.

“With ample effort, attention, and treats, he has transformed into a cat that simply craves LOVE,” Deluca expressed.

“He has made tremendous strides, and I couldn’t be more thrilled and happy for him,” she added.

“Coconut has endured experiences that we may never fully comprehend. Being deaf and with compromised eyesight from his time on the streets of Boston— we can only imagine the challenges he faced,” Deluca reflected.

“He takes time to build trust, his guard is always up, but deep down, all he truly desires is to be loved,” she continued. “He purrs when he is petted, and he expresses sorrow when you depart. It’s a complex relationship, but if you are a genuine animal person, you will comprehend and appreciate it.”

It’s truly remarkable to consider that Coconut is the same cat they rescued a year ago. He has made extraordinary progress.

The transformative power of love, coupled with patience and a nurturing home, has played a pivotal role in helping Coconut discover affection, and there’s no turning back for him.

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