Piglet, the Cat Boasting the Most Adorable Little Pig Snout in the World – Volume.

Before we continue, we must give you a heads up: this kitty is unbelievably cute. Brace yourself to feel your heart melt as you read on. Meet Piglet, the Super Cat. This little girl possesses a cleft upper lip, giving her a nose that resembles a tiny snout.

Piglet, the adorable cat with the cute snout, was rescued along with her orphaned littermates when they were just a couple of days old. They were all entrusted to a compassionate group of veterinary technicians who dedicatedly bottle-fed them around the clock.

After making a full recovery and growing strong, Piglet found her Forever home with her new mom, who happens to be a veterinary technician. Piglet’s mom affirms that her cleft lip is purely aesthetic, stating, “She has a cleft lip, but her palate is completely normal, 100%.”

Because Piglet’s mom is a veterinary technician, she could ensure that her distinctive appearance was nothing to be concerned about.

“As a vet tech, I’ve consulted with various vets and specialists, and they all agree that she should lead a normal life without the need for any surgical repairs,” affirmed Piglet’s mom.

As Piglet reaches her first birthday, she owes her beautiful and healthy growth to the care of her human mom and vet tech friends. Share her story with your friends!

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