A cat expresses immense joy upon reuniting with her kittens in the comfort of a home after being left outside in a box.

Towards the end of the previous month, Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles received a distress call about an abandoned cat accompanied by three recently born kittens in urgent need of assistance.

“She was discovered in a box placed at an apartment complex. Initially, Mama cat was a bit anxious, moving back and forth between the babies,” revealed Alley Cat Rescue to Love Meow.

The outdoor environment proved to be too overwhelming for the cat. She leaped out of the box, leaving her kittens inside unattended.

Volunteers patiently waited for the mother to return but saw no indication of her presence. They placed a humane trap with food inside, subsequently collecting the kittens and transporting them to a bottle feeder.

The objective was to place the entire family into foster care, allowing the mother to nurture her kittens in a secure and comfortable environment.

On the subsequent night, the rescuers effectively captured the cat and brought her to reunite with her trio. Upon hearing the sounds of her kittens, she hurried towards them and proceeded to give each one a thorough bath, from head to tail.

” She is an exceptional mother cat, thoroughly enjoying rolling around beside her babies,” conveyed Alley Cat Rescue to Love Meow.

The mother cat seamlessly adjusted to her foster home, expressing contentment with the provided amenities and ample food.

“Numerous cats give birth outdoors and subsequently face challenges in securing food and a secure environment to raise their offspring. It’s crucial to intervene and address this cycle by spaying the mother, whether she is feral or a stray,” emphasized Alley Cat Rescue.

The kittens rapidly gained weight and developed a noticeable dose of feline attitude. Even at just a few days old, their keen sense of smell allowed them to discern that someone nearby wasn’t their mother.

Instinctively, despite their closed eyes and folded ears, they would hiss and spit in response.

Once their eyes finally opened, the trio wasted no time and started moving around. They began to waddle around the nest, attempting to explore their surroundings in a perfect roly-poly fashion.

Their attentive cat mother stayed close, overseeing their every move. Whenever they cried out, she would swiftly respond, attending to their every need.

The sweet mama can now exhale with relief, assured that her kittens are secure. She joyfully continues to roll around on the ground, approaching her kittens with head butts and a child-like sense of wonder.

“They are getting chubbier with each passing day, and their mom has a little mini-me that she takes immense pride in,” shared Alley Cat Rescue.

Due to the prompt rescue, the kittens are flourishing with well-fed tummies and the undivided attention of their mom. In the coming weeks, their individual personalities will surface, and they will gradually take charge of the foster room.

Currently, the trio is occupied with activities such as eating, sleeping, and cuddling together in a pile. Mama has developed a deep affection for her foster family, ensuring that she receives ample love and care.

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