A stray cat wandered into a firehouse, appealing to everyone for assistance and tugging at their heartstrings.

The tabby cat casually entered Station 57 Fire Department in New York, seeking a cozy haven, and swiftly transformed it into her own miniature kingdom.

Initially reserved in her interactions with the firemen, she became more at ease after a few gentle pets, gradually warming up to her newfound human friends. “Alternative homes are a wonderful solution to the problem of homeless kitties,” shared Station 57 with Love Meow.

In no time, all her concerns melted away, replaced by contented purrs and sheer bliss.

Since that day, everyone at the firehouse became her chosen family.

Getting brushed brings her unparalleled joy. She wears a blissfully content expression when being petted, as if she’s in a trance.

Whenever she receives grooming, she purrs enthusiastically and reciprocates by licking her groomer as a gesture of gratitude.

She strolls around the station, ensuring that everyone has their chance to brush her. No one is overlooked.

What an expression!

In return for all the pampering, the tabby girl diligently keeps rodents at bay. Occasionally, she presents “gifts” to her humans in the morning after a night of chasing off critters.

“They call her Killer because she took care of our mouse problem when she moved in. We were having a contest to give her a nicer name, but then she started bringing home rats,” Station 57 shared.

When she requests lap time, everyone gladly complies.

“I will nap here meow!”

When the kitty claims ownership of someone’s chair, the only reasonable course of action is to give her some pets.

“It’s just another spa day here at Station 57.”

Awaiting the boss’s next set of instructions!

Working with a “supurrvisor” on duty.

She does an excellent job keeping tabs on everyone’s purrformance!

During the humans’ work breaks, they cuddle with their feline companion.

Naturally, she always assumes control of the remote.

“You overlooked a spot right here.”

Wiping down the table while enjoying back rubs.

Affectionate headbutts!

The firehouse cat ensures that every day is filled with purrs at Station 57.

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