A compassionate savior not only rescued a bobtail kitten but also undertook a mission to reunite her with her estranged brother.

Having successfully brought Snowdrop, the healthier of the two kittens, to safety at Alley Cat Rescue in Mount Rainier, Maryland, the compassionate rescuer returned to save her little brother. Upon finding him, he discovered the extent of the kitten’s illness, with one of his eyes crusted shut.

Recognizing the severity of Mistletoe’s condition, the rescuer knew immediate and intensive care was necessary. Alley Cat Rescue stepped in, providing round-the-clock attention from one of their staff members. Mistletoe arrived lethargic, battling an eye infection and parasites. Brianna Grant from Alley Cat Rescue shared, “He had to be cared for 24/7 by one of our staff members. He came to us very lethargic with an eye infection and parasites. We named him Mistletoe because he is too cute to resist kissing,” as reported by Love Meow.

Mistletoe was rescued just in the nick of time. While efforts were underway to nurse him back to health, his sister swiftly adapted to indoor life. Snowdrop transformed into an outgoing, playful little girl, meowing for attention and hopping around the room like a bunny. “She is a drop of sunshine! She is very brave and not scared of new people.”However, the little sister couldn’t shake the absence of her brother, Mistletoe, who was receiving round-the-clock care from one of the staff members.

Under the attentive care and unwavering dedication of his caregiver, the bobtail kitty’s eye fully cleared up in less than a week with 24-hour monitoring and abundant love. The little feline put on weight and gained significant strength during this time. It became evident to the rescuers that he was nearly prepared for the long-awaited reunion with his sister.

Mistletoe received a much-needed bath.

The affectionate kitten required assistance in maintaining cleanliness. Despite his dislike for baths, he endured without complaint. What a resilient little trooper!

Just a couple of days ago, the two siblings were joyously reunited!

Mistletoe initially displayed a bit of shyness, but after a few sniffs and playful swats, the duo quickly rekindled their bond, engaging in play just like in the old times. “Within a few hours, they were wrestling and running around together,” Brianna shared with Love Meow.

The two kittens are celebrating their first Christmas together in their foster home. Since their heartwarming reunion, they have become inseparable.

Once they reach a suitable size, they will be ready for adoption.

At present, they find immense joy in being reunited with each other.

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